Thursday, April 28, 2011


Videos from Mexico! Sent to us by friend of the blog, Alejandro. What happens when your bicycle gets stolen from the mall because they have no bike parking? This mall in Guadalajara finds out!

Our next video is from Mexico City (I think), from the blog Colectivo Camino, Haz Ciudad. The problem faced by the pedestrians in this film is one you can find in just about any city in Mexico- no sidewalks, no protection from cars and people forced to take their lives into their own hands just to get home from work.

Imagine the guts it takes, and the lengths you have to be pushed to to get out and paint your own sidewalk! I remember driving through small towns all over Mexico and how all of them had hand painted stop signs put up wherever the locals felt they were needed. I also remember playing dodge car like the people in this video every morning between my house and the University and it was not pleasant.

We complain here in the US about our lack of bicycle lanes, but I think that the Mexicans have us beat, not just for the lack of infrastructure but for the heart and soul the people who want to change the status quo are putting into their cause. We could all learn from this!

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  1. Is a harsh battle for space, but we are fighting it together.