Thursday, January 13, 2011

We Have Arrived

In certain parts of Europe they have problems disposing of all of the abandoned bicycles that get left lying about. It indicates a certain level of bicycle saturation when enough bikes can be left to rot that it becomes a disposal problem.

No Longer Loved

Perhaps San Francisco is starting to enter that phase.


  1. It definitely feels like that in Cambridge, but perhaps my neighborhood, full of Harvard and MIT students is a little different. Lots of sad looking abandoned bikes, often stripped to carcasses locked to poles in this area.
    It's worst in the winter, but the city comes by every so often, tags them and hauls them off.
    I know that the HUPD donates them to a Harvard affiliated bike shop for refurbishment and resale (discounted for students) which seems like a pretty good solution.

  2. Such a sad site! I once saw a cafe in Amsterdam, where the ceiling was suspended with over a hundred bike frames. The hardware, like pedals, handlebars and sprockets were used to make s kind of chandelier. It looked real cool, and I truly think that art is a good place where we can use some unwanted items and turn them into something stunning and beautiful...

  3. Ever since I started riding again as an adult, I just love looking at bicycles, in any form. This sad abandoned bike seems like such a waste, but it also seems very artistic. Nice choice with the black and white.