Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thwarted Again!

Parking & Potato

This is a picture of S.A.M. nicely locked to a parking meter. In this case there is a potato sharing the space with me. This particular bike/potato parking spot is outside of Four Barrel Cafe where I went for coffee and company with friends. It was a lovely hour spent in good company with fellow bikey folks who were locked to other meters near by.

A Little Bovine Snarl With Your Sumatra
The inside of Four Barrel

Flickr Friends
My friends in Four Barrel

Being able to lock up your bicycle outside of where you are going is way more important than finding out where people are via Facebook or Twitter.

Bike Parking

This is the parking I was hoping to place S.A.M. this evening so that I could see a movie with my friend Kristin. We have been trying to see this movie for weeks. We ran into each other on the way there on Market St. Other friends awaited us at the theater and I hurried to put my cable through both wheels and my seat. I reached for my u-lock, pleased that I would most likely come back to a bicycle with all of its parts still present...

I forgot my keys!

No movie for me.


  1. that sunworshiper guy is awesome. could only be topped off if he had matching flower shirt to go with the yachts panniers.. he hee =D

  2. Variation on a theme, around six months ago I was in the City Centre of Dublin intending to do some Shopping looking for Clothes to buy.

    I pulled up at the Parking Stands on Liffey Street outside Arnotts Department Store and put my Hand into the Dutch Crate on the Bike to get out my Padlock and Chain and Shock Horrors I discovered I left it at Home. What to do next ,either I go Home the three miles and forget about it or go off and buy a new Lock and Chain,decisions decisions.

    So I went off to the nearest LBS on Parnell Street and got a mid price Lock and Chain. I reasoned that you can never have too much security. I can always use this Lock for the front Wheel and the big main Lock for Locking the Bike to a solid object.

    Back I went to Liffey Street locked the Bike and then into Arnotts,saw nothing I liked then got food across the Road in Marks and Spencers. I eventually got Trousers in a Hiking Shop in Chatham Street.

    It was an expensive Day out because of the new lock,not very dear but painful all the same.

  3. I like your reference of your bike being locked up outside is like an identifier of where you are - sort of like a "locater/gps" type of thing. Just like in the days of horses when you tied your horse up outside of the saloon - everyone knew you probably were inside! Yes, much more fun that facebook!