Monday, January 31, 2011

Letters From Singapore!

Our first reader contribution of 2011!! Sent to us, with much gratitude by Cheryl! This is the way to start the year- learn how to ride so you can take long rides with your friends! Thank you so much for thinking of us Cheryl and Min and make sure to send us some updates about your riding exploits in the months to come!

Christmas was just a couple of months back and I was thinking hard on what I could possibly get for my best girlfriend – Min! We aren’t the typical girls who dig shopping and cosmetics but love exploring everything adventurous and new!

Singapore, being the tiny country it is, has left us with nothing much else to do. We have traveled in and out of Singapore, gone running, windsurfing and just about any and everything. Then, I remembered…there’s something Min has always wanted to learn to do – that’s to cycle! I tried putting her on the bike and though she didn’t really get the hang of it, that didn’t stop us from being part of our new adventure – the Singapore Duathlon 2011! That was my Christmas gift for her!

Back in school, Min was a runner while I was somewhat the opposite, always coming in last during our sports class. Taking part in the duathlon relay has put us closer together as a team. It was my first time on a 20K ride and I was nervous! But I’m thankful for Min, who constantly motivated me. Both of us are also grateful for our beautiful friends, who woke up early on a Sunday morning, and gave us all the encouragement we needed!

It was a wonderful experience that enabled me to see that there really isn’t something you cannot do if you put your heart, mind and soul into it!er
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  1. thanks for sharing Cheryl and Min!! these are awesome and good luck with your (I'm sure many to come) bike fun adventures in Singapore!!

  2. Really your doing great job here... Thanks for sharing this with me!


  3. Nice letter about friendship and accomplishment through supporting and inspiring each other.

  4. Very sweet, and wonderful to read. Friendship and bicycling go so well together.

  5. Thats a good communication. Friendship is something I admire always..