Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 2 With The Whale

Holy cow! What a day! I thought it would be a quiet ride out to West Portal to get some coffee and a little sunshine (we are having what seems to be an annual false Spring this week). Boy, was I wrong! I have never been yelled at so much while riding a bicycle in my life! Thankfully, it was all super positive! Because lane splitting at lights is almost impossible with the Whale I end up waiting in line with the cars. Every time, at least one driver opens a window and starts firing questions at me. People yell as they pass- Hey! What are you riding?!!! It was a little overwhelming. Not unpleasant but a bit like entering a room full of people you haven't seen since losing 100 pounds.

Look Over There!

After coffee and errands I went and picked up Declan and his friend from school. The boys acted like they were on a carnival ride! It was funny listening to them. This is a picture of them pointing at the people driving by who were pointing at us.


So I guess now that I can take pandas with or without a full load on the front I am going to have to get used to answering a whole lot of questions. I wonder how long that will last?


  1. What fun. I really need an up thing like that in my life right now. I am not going to get it so I will just have to enjoy your fun.

  2. Wowee!~that looks like an ace treadlie.I wish they had been available in Australia 10 years ago when our children were a lot smaller. I'm not sure if I would like to park it in a car space,though.Drivers here would give me a lot of aggro.


  3. OF- I am happy to share! Having you visit is an "up thing" in my life, that is for sure!

    rpm- There are so many things I wish had been available back when my older ones were small! I remember being utterly banned from my bicycle when I was pregnant with Cameron (I was really sick when I was pregnant with Una and wouldn't have cycled even if you payed me to). As to parking spaces... if I drove my car I would have parked there anyway, so I am still taking up the same space. Other people can just deal with it. I still can't figure out why that guy didn't just make a u-turn and take anyone of the 6 parking spaces across the street instead of wait 10 minutes for this one (double parked in the bike lane the whole time, too).

  4. That is really great. Hopefully some percentage of those pointers and questioners, however small, will be excited enough to go out and get one of their own, and it spreads!

  5. Hurrah! We've been riding our Workcycles Bakfiets around Menlo Park and now Redwood City for a couple years. I see a few of them around Palo Alto too. I think they're an easier sell down here because flat riding to do errands is more of an every day possibility. We get nothing but smiles and positive comments from car drivers (especially when hauling the Christmas tree every year).

  6. Bravo! You & your family are trend-setters! Cheers! ;)