Sunday, January 23, 2011

Park It In The Street!

The other day I posted this picture of the new Metrofiets parked in an on street parking spot.

.New Face Of Parking

I was surprised by the number of people who expressed fear (both here and on my Flickr account) about being harassed by either drivers or police.

More Street Parking!

So here I am challenging the status quo, again. I could have insisted on parking both of these sizable machines on the crowded, narrow sidewalk thus making it impassable for man or beast. There were already a dozen bikes littered around the store entrance, not to mention parked dogs and sun worshiping coffee addicts. But why? There is a perfectly good, open and available spot right there in front of my destination. While drinking my coffee I watched several people pull up with bicycles (with kickstands) who chose to leave due to the lack of sidewalk parking instead of utilizing this lovely large spot. It's even a free parking day (Sunday)!

If this guy can sunbathe in my space,

Bike Parking

then I can park my bike in the street (it is as long as a Smart car!). Sometime this week I will post the law that says I can, tonight I am too lazy.


  1. What was the reaction from drivers when they found a bicycle in the parking spot?

  2. All that registered was "Not Available".

  3. You should mention it to the shop owners -- point out the lack of proper bike parking, the fact that people are locking to parking meters, that there is a busy bike lane running past the shop that will only get more busy, that there is an excess of car parking spaces, and the fact that people who have been cycling get more thirsty and hungry, so buy more ;)

    Suggest to them that there is a good business case for building proper bike parking on that space and they should lobby to city to do so.

  4. Forgot to add -- perhaps even the car shaped cycle hoop rack:

  5. I totally agree that parking spaces should be turned over to more mixed use. Why not park a big bike in it, or sunbathe in it instead (sun? what's that? I've forgotten...) I remember a study once where someone demonstrated the inherent selfishness of car parking spaces by storing a container of their stuff in one instead. Of course, everyone was outraged but his questions was how is this any different to you leaving your car here all the time?

    Anything that challenges the ol' status quo has to be a good thing!

  6. Forgot to mention - very cool bike (jealous) and I always love a gratuitous picture of a dog!

  7. The more I think about it,this really is a hot potato.(or should I say can of worms?) Here in Melbourne,most parking spots are time limited. The inspectors are pretty tenacious~you go over the limit and they're right onto it with a ~180 aud fine. A bike, with no id plates, would not be subject to these by-laws. Car drivers here are already under the hammer and I suspect my bike plonked in a scarce parking space would just about tip them over the edge.

    Nah,I'll stick with the pavement for the time being.Too much stress in my life already!