Wednesday, January 26, 2011

One kind word can warm three winter months.

One kind word can warm three winter months.     -Japanese proverb

Not to show off that we are having +60°F weather days this week here in San Francisco or anything, just don't be throwing your high 80°F weather at our faces when we are flooded with heavy fog and chilly days in the coldest of SF's summer time -- DEAL?!!

Here are some beautiful shots that prove nothing really stops us worldwide from getting on our machines and roaming our very own cities, all over this planet. We cycling people are unstoppable!!

i bike krakow
 i bike krakow by marcin wojcik - efeb
From Krakow, Poland: "despite a slight recurrence of the winter the number of cyclists on the streets of Krakow'sgrowing ." -thx google translate

Let it snow
Let it snow by Dream Dottie
Chicago, IL: Self-portrait taken with a Nikon FM2 and Kodak Portra 400NC film.

At the Halfway Point
At the Halfway Point by papahazama
Pebble Beach, Washington

The Winter River Ride
The Winter River Ride by SaddleUpBike
Alberta, Canada

Winter Pashley and Gazelle
Winter Pashley and Gazelle by Lovely Bicycle!

Winter Bike Parking
Winter Bike Parking by spiderleggreen
Whittier, Minneapolis: Outside the Spyhouse Coffee Shop.

Winston Churchill Park
Winston Churchill Park by happy d,
Toronto, Canada
Looking good
Looking good by Iam sterdam
Amsterdan, Netherlands

Snow Topped
Snow Topped by Georgie_grrl
Toronto, Canada


  1. "heavy fog and chilly days in the coldest of SF's summer time"

    In fairness I'll note that Mark Twain made his infamous quips about "summer" in SF before he moved to Elmira.

    So, yeah; deal.

    When it hits 98 here we might have to renegotiate though. :)

  2. kfg/ yea, we all know our pal mark twain, because it is very accurate +true. couldnt be better said ;-)

    do you plan to read his 100yr auto-biography?!

  3. "do you plan to read his 100yr auto-biography?!"

    I'm waiting in line at the library. My copy of The Complete Essays is already held together by duct tape and I consider it a national shame that To the Person Sitting in Darkness is even more relevant today than it was when it was written.

    It will be interesting to compare his thoughts, as he thought them, with his thoughts in retrospect.

  4. Love you site, but you gotta work on the captions for your pictures ... you can never tell if the caption is above or below. You need to add some more space between the pictures or something ...


  5. jd, well, that's a first. they are below and by clikin each photo links to its proper owner/original link