Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet the bike nerd

Last month we received an email from the "bike nerd" aka Seth Werkheiser. I think it's pretty adventurous and cool when people are able to pack and go. Just go. Go.
My name is Seth Werkheiser and I'm nomadic bike nerd without a zip code to call home, traveling from city to city with a laptop and toothbrush.
I left Brooklyn on July 31 and now I'm biking across Pennsylvania before heading South for the winter.

how to bike 30 miles with all your posessions
As told by Seth:
My story: I've been biking since I was like, 10 years old or something. I'm 34 now. Lived in NYC for almost six years. Lots of biking in the city. Then my hours got cut at work (I'm a freelance / contractor web-editor for AOL Music). Instead of trying to squeeze every penny and eat ramen noodles I decided to get rid of all my possessions and bike across the US with my laptop and clothes. I'm in NJ now. I'll be in PA this weekend for a few stops (Stroudsburg, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Hershey, Everett, Pittsburgh) then onto Ohio and south from there.

Soooo I work M-F, 9-5pm. I log off, then ride and hang out with friends.

It's funny - when I got my hours cut I didn't now what to do! Like, I ALWAYS worked from 9am to 7 or 8pm. I was always checking email, even until midnight. I couldn't go out to dinner without looking at my iPhone every five minutes. Now? Now life starts at 5pm, and I've been biking more than ever! Losing weight and feeling good.

Check out my blog:

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  1. Hey, I'm biking/blogging in Central PA, so welcome to the neighborhood! Relatively flat here, and good weather currently for biking. You must also have an ATM card and tent?

  2. very very awesome! i've always wanted to do something like this.

  3. Who doesn't dream of just picking up and pedaling off? So cool to just do it!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's been a blast! It hasn't been perfect (got sick this past saturday post-ride... I think dehydration was the culprit) but it's been a learning experience the whole way!

  5. Wow - that's AMAZING! What dedication and commitment. I'm super impressed.

    While I love my bike I don't think I'll be able to do that. I would like to take a small trip... but not with all of my belongings.