Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Cruising around

bike dinner for two
There aren't many cruisers in the city, but enough to make you smile. I spotted these 2 super cute baby blue ones in the Inner Richmond. As I turned, the two friends were giggling because I thought those orange flowers were automatic smile-makers.
My friend and dinner partner for the afternoon just said 'ok, meli - remind me to put orange flowers on my road bike when I get home'
Keep taking notes I said.
Boys, are so silly.

The weather was in the high 80°s and the sunset couldn't be more beautiful. It is September, and it is summer in SF. With mostly foggy skies, so we take full advantage of the 'heat waves'
flower cruiser power
Cruiser twins


  1. Nice Bikes ,it is very unusual to see two Bicycles exactly the same together. Twin Bikes I wonder were the owners also twins as often happens.

  2. the orange flowers are adorable. I love them on the fender like that.

  3. Makes me smile colores! ;)

  4. Once we get "both feet" in the city and get the entire bike stable up there, I will add another cruiser to the streets of SF.