Friday, September 24, 2010

Continuing Declan Adventures

It occurs to me that we have not had a Declan adventure around here for a bit. I am quite partial to them, myself. This time we were on the way home from the Doctor's office and it was pretty warm. I was afraid Declan would fall asleep so I gave him the camera to keep him alert, which usually works quite well.

I like the way the trees make shade and the colours of the leaves.

We were riding in a lot of traffic.

We stopped to repack our stuff. Mommy's purse kept falling off. We found people to talk to while we did it.

The sky was sooooo blue.

I like the shade. So does the mail truck.

I had to turn around to take a picture of the guy going the other way. Mommy told me to stop wiggling.

I just wanted a picture of the red car. Mom was in the way.

This boy stopped to talk to us. He couldn't stop his push bike and he almost crashed into the tree.

I wanted to have a picnic, too.

This picture was an accident.

Mommy had to stand up to get us going again. We had to go fast because of all the cars.

This man talked to me about taking pictures. He let me take one of him. I want his motorcycle.

The seat is poking Mommy's butt. Hee hee hee.

I like how the flowers make a picture. Once they looked like an alligator.

I just took his picture.


  1. That is awesome! I love to see the world through a kid's eyes. They are great teachers of how to appreciate the small moments in life while we're busy getting all philosophical about the meaning of it all.

  2. "this picture was an accident." lmao.

  3. My fellas love it when I hand them the camera when we are riding. Frankly it worked out great when we were riding the bakfiets. Now, that we are on a Yuba, it's a bit more complicated. Other folks really want to see my sons HOLDING ON while we ride....

  4. Last caption should read: "Go Giants!"

  5. very cute!
    it was lovely passing you by yesterday. hope you had a great ride.

  6. loVE this!

    amazing pictures, Declan! :)

  7. Hmm . . . more Declan Adventures please. What a lovely spot to view life from. (Great photography Declan!)

  8. I am partial to Declan adventures as well! They make me smile and remind me of how simple and lovely life can be viewed from a kid's perspective :) You did good, Declan - you made my day that bit brighter!


  9. gosh mom why you gotta be in the way of my pictures LOLLLL