Thursday, September 23, 2010

i heart Q

true story. i do.

so the other day we went to go get a late dinner on clement street. did some research and found out that Q restaurant was open until 11. since this is just what we needed, we got on the bicis and rode over.

when we got there around 10ish, we saw a sign similar to this in the window:

May is the month
foto by meli...not at Q obviously

we sat down and nomnomed, happy to be ingesting Q's delicious comfort food. in doing so (i did at least), forgetting about the sign in the window. then both the host and the server came to us, told us that they saw up "roll up," and let us know they were taking $10 off our meal since we had ordered over $30. so, basically, our wine was free.

now who doesn't like that?

see the list of other i bike sf participating businesses here. the clement street deal is only good until the end of the month. maybe we can squeeze in another visit to Q before then...

next month's participating neighborhood? lower haight. oh boy. i'm gearin' up for that one wiggle-ites.

and don't forget to ride your bike in your own neighborhood. we almost, gasp, walked there. but still would have had our bike lock keys on our keychain. hmmmm.


  1. I think its great that the business community is reaching out to and enticing cyclists and bikers with deals such as what was offered to you. They are finding and solidifying a new customer base. Here in Vancouver we are in the midst of a segregated bike lane battle on our Hornby Street where the business owners - for the most part - are being quite vocal on their disapproval. It would be so much better if they helped to embrace all types of commuting efforts and to go one further, use the change as an opportunity to reach out to new clientele.

  2. Awesome! I wonder if there is something like that here in Austin. I do know some of our downtown bars offer $1 drinks to riders...hmmm...

  3. tater tots y cutie pattotie guys.
    oh and an ice cold boont amber please.