Wednesday, September 1, 2010

how to be nice to someone in two simple steps

one two...


and THEN........



hopefully that made someone's day :)


  1. I used to leave notes on James' motorcycle when he was at work. He loved it. i am sure whoever this is liked it, too : )

  2. I found this on my bike one day, tucked between the top tube and the brake cable:

    It was also on the evening of my birthday, but if it's someone I know (this particular bike model is hard to come by around here, I'm told there's only one other like in town!), nobody's come out and admitted responsibility for it. :-)

  3. Nice!... Don't quite imagine people doing this in Portugal though :(

  4. The ninja bike (as I call it, due to it's totally quiet belt drive) gets a lot of attention, yeah. Yesterday, in fact, it bested it's own record for the number of people talking to me about it in a single day, to five. :-)

    @cate*: I didn't see very many bikes in Lisboa last time I was there, but if I do, I'll try to think of leaving a note! Going on vacation to Portugal for a couple of weeks, this weekend... Yay!

  5. It doesn't take much to make the day a beautiful one for a friend or a stranger (or sometimes for someone who dilikes one for no good or apparent reason)- Just a few kind words and/or a smile. ;)
    L. (lemony/lem)