Tuesday, September 21, 2010


After seeing this every day for a year,


it makes me so much happier to see this

Alternative Transportation

Is it any wonder I want to get rid of my car? I know there are times cars are the best way to get "there", but 95% of the time, for me, this is not so. I rode 45 miles, partly in the rain, over mountains, on a 25 year old mixte on Sunday and it was better than the, uneventful, car ride home after.

One day, I will be car free. It is getting closer.


  1. We've been car-free for three and a half years now, and although it wasn't an intentional choice (the Car Repairs of Damocles came crashing down, and we couldn't afford to get the thing running again) it's been one of the best things that's ever happened to us.

    You're in SF, right? Being car-free works pretty darn well here in Oakland, and I'd guess that SF would be at least as feasible.