Sunday, September 27, 2009

Deep Is The Word

Meet Deep. Full name, Amandeep Jawa. Owner and operator of the loud and playful "Trikeasaurus". Creator of the always fun "Flashdance".

Trikeasaurus? Flashdance? What are these strange things? you ask. Well, they are cool, which is enough said as far as I am concerned, but for those of you out there who require more info, here it is-

The Trikeasaurus is Deep's trusty tricycle/ movable sound feast. He rides it all over town, blasting the soundtrack of a completely awesome bike party you would not be able to help yourself but join in on. The "Flashdance" is a "flashmob dance party" that happens in various parts of San Francisco and there have been several since the first one in 2005. I tried to go to one a few months ago, but it kept moving faster than I could catch up to it (cops! urgh!).

Now, the music is bumpin' (I shouldn't try to sound current. It does not work for me.), and the energy Deep throws out to the Universe is amazing (he is also on the Board of Directors at the SF Bicycle Coalition, President of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco League Of Conservation Voters, all around nice guy...), but what impresses me most? How the hell he gets that behemoth around SF! He works hard for our entertainment! This day, only 2 of the 3 gears were working!

San Francisco has a long tradition of interesting people making a difference in unique and wonderful ways. Deep joins the roster. Not a bad thing to be able to put on a resume. I'd hire him to brighten up my day, any day!


  1. That's funny, the post I did about Deep a few months ago has the same title!

    So it's official. Deep is deep. (and an awesome dj, too!)

  2. I had a feeling I had seen that before. My brain is not so sharp.

  3. oh you bloggers and your brainz ;)
    insane in the membrane