Tuesday, September 29, 2009

As long as we know who is wearing the trousers.

Getting interbike updates is easy nowadays. Photos are great. We love photos. Thanks Richardlicious for emailing the link, and to everyone that has made it easy to surf the Flickr world to look at gadgets and the likes.
We all know that all you really need is a bike, but I give props to all the vendors who are out there doing and sharing their products.

Now, if I was to actually wear pants at some point, other than the figurative way, I'd wear these:


  1. I have very similar pants. They are so cool for cycling, and of course also generally.

  2. Forget the pants- look at that bag on the rack! I want one!

  3. that one and its matching handlebar one are pretty darn cute.
    I want the pants, because I dont think I own any pants. maybe a pair of jeans, sommmmmehwere...?

  4. Humph. Why do girls get to choose between skirts and trousers, while boys only can wear trousers? In 2009?

  5. In SF we wear what we want. com visit us ;)
    Jeff and his Kilt