Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's With The Unicycles?

I am seeing them all over the place, these days! Once, I saw a guy speeding down Topanga Canyon Road from the trail head into the canyon (I was driving, couldn't get a picture without hitting him)! As a departure from my recent rantings ( I am becoming quite the grump), I offer my own unicycle pictures-

This guy was actually part of a huge unicycle pelaton. None of the pictures came out!

The duct tape seat is impressive. As is the jersey. They were both really nice guys.

Don't drink and ride.


  1. There's a guy who unicycles across Palo Alto to and from work. There's another guy who regularly shows up to SJ Bike Party (tomorrow night!) on his unicycle too.

  2. Half the bike and twice the fun! Our families got four in the garage.

  3. A peloton of unicycles! Wish I'd seen that. Judging by the gentleman's attire, I am guessing that these were carbon fiber unicycles?

  4. Unicycling is definitely the new skateboarding. After years of european predominance, the sport has spread all over the world, and developed into multiple genres. I moved to Salt Lake City and started up a uni club. after struggling to find riders at first, people started catching on, and nowadays(just a year later) i find myself riding with up to 15-20 people at times. if you've never tried, I highly recommend it. it's great cardio, lots of fun, and a good challenge.

  5. "Unicycling is definitely the new skateboarding."- except that skateboards are not something people start riding in their 40's and 50's which is the age group I see riding these things.

    "it's great cardio, lots of fun, and a good challenge."- I want to try because it looks like it is a great core stabilizing activity.

  6. its A GREAT core workout!
    (btw i'm the guy at SJBikeParty)