Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cross-Country Cyclist's gets a sour taste of bike thieves.

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Cable locks in the city of cable cars=bicycle gone.
That is so fucked up. Riding thousands of miles, raising money for hunger and get your bike stolen. Not the place or time to recommend ulocks, but ummm. mean streets, call for them.
SF bicycle thieves are crafty as hell.

I don't know how to embed these news-video links
Please watch here: KTVU/ Cross-County Cyclist's Bike Stolen In SF

View the video then spread the word. Hope he finds his bike!
He is such a positive guy and his mission is great. Was wonderful to hear that he has raised money to feed 16,000 people.
Don't give up Drew, you are an inspiration!

Drew Marinelli's website here: One Man, One Bike, One Fight
*Tip hat to Ratta.


  1. This is the time and the place- people! use a damn u-lock!!!!

    16k people fed! Holy cow! Now I want to get more out of my riding.

  2. That is Sick ,to come out of some place and find your Steed gone is Devastating. I have several Bikes and also a few Padlocks and chains. I use big Chains and Padlocks in the City and on long Rides I use a Cable Lock if I have to get something to Eat on the Run.

    I had an U Lock Years ago but I lost the Key and had to Cut the Lock off the Bike in the Shed at Home. These are better than Cable any Day must get one as they are Light and Strong on Long Rides.

    The City of San Fran should Present Him with a Top of the Range Bike to his Spec's as an Apology for the Thievery in their City seeing as how he is doing marvellous Work for Charity in Feeding World Hunger.

  3. Just saw your blog.....and wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed "riding" with you. Also, Andrew Marinelli is our son and we are very proud of being able to say we are his parents. He is a remarkable young man and continues to help others that are in need. He never recovered his stolen bike, but he was given a wonderful replacement by 24 hour fitness....the location where Drew's bike was stolen. Not only that, but 24 hour fitness also offered him a job!! So, our Drew is doing well and still biking everywhere! It is a special ending to a special journey.......

  4. I am so happy to hear that things worked out for him! We would love to hear more about his journey!!