Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update On Andrew Bennett

For those following this story, I have an update from Andrew-

Thanks to all for your kind words and wishes for a speedy recovery. Things could've been much worse; my son was not physically harmed by the driver and that fact is a salve to my considerable wounds. My orthopedic doctor told me today that I will be in a brace for six weeks at a minimum, three months at most and that I'll be unable to do the work of my chosen vocation for many months. There is a possibility that this injury will prevent me from being able to return to my work at all due to its extremely physical demands (being the head rigger or head carpenter on cirque de soleil, Bob Dylan, the Beastie Boys and such is difficult if you can't lift your own body weight) . Time will tell.
In the meantime, the SFPD have started to investigate this crime and need help in tracking the vehicle down. Attached you'll find a press release- the only thing that I would add is that people should be on the lookout for a light grey or SILVER suv with a vanity plate that includes a heart symbol. Unfortunately, it would appear that SFPD can only search the database for plates using alpha-numeric characters. The symbols allowed on vanity plates don't read. This is a shame as they are the rarest characters on plates and statistically increase the odds of finding the driver exponentially- a space filled by a letter has 26 choices, a number- 10 choices, but a symbol- it's one of three (star, heart, hand) not counting the few punctuation marks allowed on a plate.

Here is the release from the SFPD (which I am happy to see finally happen). I know, for myself, that I am keeping my eyes wide open all over SF for this individual. As she has not come forward to this point, I can say with certainty that she no longer deserves her driver's license and should never be allowed to drive again.

07/08/09 09-065

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July 8, 2009


San Francisco Police Seek Public's Help In Bicycle Collision Hit And Run

San Francisco police are seeking the public’s help in a bicycle collision hit and run that occurred on Wednesday, July 1, at the intersection of Valencia and 18th streets shortly before noon. This incident involves a 42-year-old San Francisco man, who was proceeding northbound on Valencia riding his bicycle with his four-year-old son in the bicycle seat behind him.

As they proceeded through the intersection on a green light, a motorist traveling westbound on 18th Street ran the red light and struck the bicycle, causing both the bicyclist and his son to fall to the pavement. The driver did not stop to render aid to the injured bicyclist or to exchange identification. The bicyclist suffered a fractured back. His son was not injured. Both were wearing helmets.

Witnesses describe the suspect vehicle as possibly a gray SUV or gray Chrysler PT Cruiser, with a possible partial plate of KAY_ [heart symbol] _. The driver was described only as a female, late 20s, with dark hair. No one else was in the vehicle. There may be front-end damage to the vehicle.

Anyone who may have witnessed this collision is urged to contact Inspector Jim Custer of the Hit and Run Detail, 553-9516, or to call the Confidential Tip Line, 415-575-4444. For more information, please contact:

Public Affairs Office



  1. Thanks for the update! I hope they find this car.

  2. My thoughts to you and your family. I hope they find the driver, and I hope she is brought to book. She deserves jail time and to never drive again.

    Best wishes