Sunday, July 12, 2009

Family Day

As I sit here thinking about what to write about my Sunday with my family, I find I have little to say. It was a Sunday spent together in San Francisco, riding in Golden Gate Park, drinking coffee, climbing trees- the kind of Sunday we don't fully appreciate until we are older.

Declan got to race around on his Crocodile bike. He thinks he is something else on that bike!

Úna got acquainted with the new bike that she and her Dad built together. Cameron was a little jealous because her bike is more stable than his, so she was able to figure out how to ride without holding on.

James got the chance to hold hands with his youngest.

A quiet day, spent together. The best kind.


  1. I passed by your velotilla on Fell, heading towards the Panhandle on Sunday. An impressive sight! (Sorry I didn't slow down to say Hi but the traffic on Fell is such a pain!)

  2. Velotilla! I love it! I would have loved to say hello, but you are correct, Fell is a bit too much like 280 to stop and chat on ; )

  3. Hi! I just discovered your blog, and I'm a poor student on a budget who realllly wants a new bicycle. Where could I find a cheap but nice road bicycle so that I can start taking advantage of all the cool ideas you have on your blog?


  4. Robin- depending on where you live, there are a lot of options. Craig's List is fantastic and always has lots of listings but is not a good option for someone who does not know much about bikes (if you can not recognize worn parts this could be problematic). Some LBS's will have used bikes for sale (in SF, Heavy Metal is great). If you like to wrench or want to learn, you can try finding a co-op bike shop near you where you can volunteer time to help "pay" for your bike, which you will have to build yourself with help from other volunteers (in SF we have The Bike Kitchen).

    Good luck! Let us know what you find and send us some pictures!

  5. Adrienne -

    What a wonderful way to spend a day! Great photos and write-up.

    I love riding with my nephew, but don't get enough chance to. He just told his grandma (my Mom) that she needs to have me come out an fix her bike so she can ride with him! Love it, LOVE IT! My Mom doesn't really enjoy riding, but after having the bike stored for 20+ years, she's going to trade it in for something cruiser style that's comfortable for her and start riding again.

    Great blog, and I LOVE the title!

    Gettin' Around

  6. Mark- Hurraaaayyyyyy for your Mom!!!! I would love to see pictures of her with her new bike! I love seeing people rediscover the joy of riding. I would love to get my Mom out of her car... I have hopes. I have a good friend whose mother is thinking about getting back out there- I have promised to follow with my camera so we can record all of the fun!