Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Meet Olive!

We received these lovely pictures from Kristi. It is wonderful to hear that a bicycle and its happy owner is the center of so many positive things weather is starting a blog, getting to know your neighborhood, conencting with your local community, globally meeting similar minds around the blogesphere and in the meantime, change so many aspects and views of your life around and forward. It is all so wonderful! Thanks Kristi for sharing this with us! /♥xo.meligrosa

I'd love to share a story about my new bike, Olive (see photo attached).

She was a beautiful surprise on my 30th birthday, handmade and painted by my very handy boyfriend. We met working at the same travel company which operates highend cycling trips around the world, based in Toronto, Canada.

Olive was the inspiration behind my blog: www.lovelyvelo.blogspot.com. In receiving comments from other bloggers out there, I discovered Change Your Life. Ride a Bike!

Olive has certainly made a difference to my life, pedaling with her to and from work is the best part of my day!

Lovelyvélo :)


  1. I love that basket! It is the same one I use as panniers on The Bat. Isn't it funny how something as simple as a bike can change everything?

  2. *Shakes fist* Dang you, Meligrosa (et al)! That's another blog to add to my growing list of feeds!

    Very nice bike. I love to see new life breathed back into bikes someone has left behind. Kristi, may the hills roll gently, the wind be at your back, you always find flowers in your basket, and Olive carry you along for many years to come.

    Mark K.
    Gettin' Around

  3. Pretty bicycle and cute story.

    Highend cycling tourism... that sounds like an awesome job! I want to do that. Where can I apply??? :)

  4. I know! I want to get in on that, too!

  5. Yes, Adrienne! I imagine there is/ will be a lot of demand for cycling tourism. And I'm pretty obsessed with bicycles and bike-friendly cities.