Thursday, July 23, 2009

Beauty In Numbers

It is funny watching people ride around on their bikes. I am fascinated by watching people just ride through town on their daily errands and jobs and such. There is of course the fluidity of movement, and the beauty of the bicycles themselves, but that isn't what draws me to it. The pull comes from the pure normalcy of it, it's mundane nature and how often it is repeated by so many people.

A single cyclist is interesting, but hundreds of them are fascinating- how they flow about one another, how they ignore one another while remaining completely aware of one another's proximity. There is similarity between a school of fish and a pelaton (athletic or urban). Somehow, the one in front becomes the leader without vote or thought and those behind will follow the leader around the obstacles on the path.

Sometimes we group up deliberately, and sometimes we get swept up in it.

Go ride! Become a number! : ) Happy Friday!


  1. Nice pix, Adrienne. I love to see groups out just riding, and not necessarily in the typical cycling kit. Always good to see people out integrating cycling into their daily lives as an extension of who they are and their mobility.

    Makes me want to be on my bike rather than going in to work!

    Hmm...guess I'll see if I can't fix that front derailleur and ride this weekend...

    Mark K.
    Gettin' Around

  2. Fix it, man! Bikes need to be ridden! : )

  3. I think it's partly because people are interesting to us, and you can see people on bikes, not just metal boxes whizzing about with anonymous controllers.

  4. There is definitely the more human aspect of it. Actually being able to see someone's face makes a huge difference.