Sunday, July 26, 2009


Just who represents cycling? There are discussions about just that going on all over the place, these days. I was thinking about this as I rode around on Saturday.

Is it my family? An urban, international, professional, 30 something couple with three kids looking to find better ways to live our lives?

Is it the legion of young people who fly around the streets in the latest indy fashion and vintage bikes?

The DIY contingent could lay a claim to the title. Would they be right?

How about the stunt riders and BMX lovers? Are they less representative?

The messengers have been out there since the beginning, but they don't always get the credit for it. Are they less "cyclist" than anyone else on a bike?

Can we leave the beach kids, the ones without a care in the world, out of the picture?

Is it in the use, or not, of a helmet that represents us all?

When you look at it, we all represent cycling. It makes no difference if we are weekend road warriors, or utility cyclists, or single track riders, or bike messengers... when we are on our bikes, we each represent the rest, because it isn't about the bikes. It is about the people, the lovely, diverse, brave, pedaling people who ride, and they can not be pigeon holed. Nor should they be.

Ride on my fellow representatives! Show your pride. Shine with it. Ride with it.


  1. Oh so lovely! Sure it's all of us.

  2. ...and the invisible immigrant kitchen workers, the go-fast lycra set, the homeless dudes, etc.

    What about the mountain bikers who load their bikes up in their trucks to shuttle them uphill? Do they count?

  3. Made my day to read this post. Indeed. It's all of us.

  4. Everyone is in! I just don't have pictures of them : )

  5. I realized that I am a hybrid. Some days it's lycra, others it's boho fashion on vintage bike. It depends on my mood and where I'm going. I love all of it!

  6. KT- aren't they the cutest? I saw them coming about a block away and just had enough time to get the camera out and focused! I love that the whole bike is covered in carpet remnants!