Sunday, July 19, 2009

Subjective Safety

There is a lot of talk out there in the bicycling world about "subjective safety" and how your level of it will determine how much, or if, you will ride. I hear people say that San Francisco is too busy, too crowded, too unsafe to ride. Perhaps for some it is, but for these folks, this is not the case.

Some can let go of the reigns from time to time.

Some can let themselves just enjoy the ride from the front seat.

Others are able to let themselves be comfortable anywhere, anytime. Some are lucky enough to be able to stay in the moment and not worry.

Ride on, everyone! Embrace the adventure!


  1. You're right. Once one cycles there is no need to worry anymore. It's just fun and a very comfortable way to get around.
    Don't see many tandems around here, but I'd love to have one myself to go on bike rides with friends (just wouldn't know where to put it safely).

  2. yes for this guy it is totally safety.And you have heard the true thing that is San Fransisco is crowded.


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  3. Safety, Shmafety! I injured my back 3 or 4 times last winter just getting dressed in the morning. Why spend one's life worrying about the safety factor? I respect the road just like I would in a car and I can't say I feel particularly in danger. Good commentary.

  4. Sounds like you should stop getting dressed! : )

  5. Off topic or more detailed question -
    The girl on the tandem bike for some reason seems really petite or os that an optical illusion?

    You probably don't have other pics of the couple but just caught me as rather odd as her heels seem really tall which adds to my question.