Monday, June 1, 2009

San Francisco Sunday

Other than during the PM commute, the time I really see people out riding is on Sundays. You see them piled outside of restaurants at brunch. If anyone wants to walk in front of a café in the Mission, you have to dodge and climb over all the bikes locked to every stationary object in sight.

Funny things about bikes, they are like dogs. People always stop to see what kind of bike it is or what kind of panniers are on it or to ring the bells to hear what they sound like. This fascination with the onslaught of bicycles means there is almost always a conversation to be had a bike rack (or a parking meter).

This very phenomenon is my favorite part of bicycling- the community that is springing from it. Maybe because we all spend so much time dodging traffic together we are brought to a more open and friendly place? When I hear people talk about how no one really thinks about their bikes in parts of Europe, I sometimes feel a bit sorry for them and their lost chance at community .

On this Sunday, I pulled out my camera to see what I could find. As it turns out, a lot of smiles from the bike lanes!

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  1. This is really true what you said about Europe. Most people don't bother what bikes other people ride, they don't even care about their own bike. While I'm kind of bike spotter myself and love to look at other people's bikes and talk about them, I don't care much about my own old bike. It works fine and gets me everywhere I want to, and that's all that really matters ;-).