Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

From our friend, Dick. Happy Father's Day to all! Visit his group Suburban Assault On Facebook.

Today, my daughter decided to take a ride with me. It was a bit slow and we didn't go very far, but I don't care. I got to share one of my favorite things with my little girl.

I'll never forget this father's day.


  1. Here's how I spent my father's day....

  2. Happy Father's Day! I'm in Melbourne Australia and I'm thrilled to report that I rode through the inner city to work and back for the first time on Sunday! 8.5 Kms (sorry - just over 5 miles) in 35 mins with a couple of moderate inclines. I'm so proud of myself and loved every minute. Even going home in the dark!

  3. Thanks for sharing my pic on your blog.

    Andy, I hope you had a great ride!

  4. Andy- live strong!

    Christie- Keep it up! We are proud of you, as well!

    DD- How could we not? : )

  5. Happy Father's Day to all cycling fathers! Indeed, great memories for you and your daughter.