Friday, June 5, 2009

Four San Francisco "Supermums"

One of the people who has been influential in my bicycle activities has been Mikael Colville-Andersen over at Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Copenhagenize. His pictures of Copenhagen life are beautiful, but it is his sharp wit that brings me back for more ( I am a sucker for quick come backs).

One of the frequent subjects of Mikael's camera is what he calls the "Supermum". I would be lying if I said his pictures didn't have some influence on how I ride with Declan. His recent visit to Tokyo is well documented at both sites, but his most recent series of Japanese Supermum's is just begging for a response from us here in SF. While I have to work a bit to get these shots, I think that SF can hold its head up in the emerging world of the "Supermum" : )

Three on a match may be very bad luck, but three on a bike is just plain wonderful!

Sometimes, when all there is is a line of paint between you and the world, you have to be Super to give your kids the freedom to ride themselves.

Time to go to the museum? What better way than by riding through the Park to get there?

If you want your kids to be joyful, you have to be joyful in what you do. I think this Supermum has figured this out.

And in the interest of shameless self promotion, I offer up myself, following another Bikey SF Mom. When we start riding in packs, the world will be a better place!


  1. Beautiful pictures - all such an inspiration! :)

  2. colossus superstar!!
    Im starting to notice more and more on the road <3
    go moms go!!

  3. I was a SF bikey mum when we lived there! I used to bike commute with my son in the Bobike from our flat at 18th and Judah to SFMOMA, making a stop at his daycare behind the Castro Safeway along the way. I was so glad to leave the crowded rush hour N-Judah behind when I finally got with the program and started biking us in.

    Now I'm biking with two in tow, here in Portland.

  4. Mikael- : )

    jj- Go get 'em!!!! the more of us out there, the faster this will all become a reality for the rest of the country! I do Civic Center to 28th and Judah to City College, so I know your old route well : )