Monday, June 15, 2009

Chasing Chas

Two weekends ago, I had the chance to join the paradise loop lightweight ride out in Marin. I refer to it as the retro ride, where steel frames, wool jerseys, a mellow pace and down shifters rule. Amongst the riders, I had the pleasure to meet Charles or Chas, as his friends call him. He is a great story teller and we had a great time chatting it up at a cafe brake, in Marin. The times when he used to train and also race in Arizona, frames he built, friendships, photography and his enthusiasm around all the bicycle peripherals and benefits that can be brought into one's life. Overall a great time with Chas, it was great chatting with you, and look forward to hear more stories. The black and white photo on the left, was provided by Chas
Below is Chas and his latest addition to his bicycle collection. It is a Holdsworth from across the pond. Spotless. This powerful machine is an absolute smooth operator gliding through the Marin hills. And as a note, the leather on that brooks saddle, his wool jersey, the frame color and his phone, were all in sync. Oh so nice!
Here is Eric's post as told by Chas: [Chas Talk Story]

He can easily say: Change your life, build your own bike!! It was great meeting you, and look forward for more rides, more stories and good times. /xo♥meligrosa

Charles Uploaded by meligrosa

Chas and new holdsworth Uploaded by ericm

6.609 ride 017 Uploaded by ericm


  1. A Beautiful Bike,I Love the Copper Rivits on that Saddle.

    He has Grown a Few Pounds since his Black and White Photo and is Wearing a Funny Looking Fishbowel Hat on his Head.

  2. That is the cutest bicycle headbadge/logo I have ever seen. The pony looks bashful!