Saturday, June 6, 2009

Lisa Marie faires the bike

It is very often that bikes, internet and photos connect people. The phrase 'it is a small world' could be said about our 7x7 San Francisco world and be pretty unavoidable to run into people, as in bike people sooner or later. Honeychild is one of them. She found us via Flickr & simultaneously she was on the same ride I was last week from Rock The Bikes SF to Maker Faire ride. It was very sweet of her to drop us a line, with a lovely note. Make sure you also visit her wonderful site: //♥thanks Lisa Marie!!

Group ride by honeychild

On Saturday May 30th Rock the Bike coordinated a group ride down to Maker Faire at the San Mateo Fairgrounds. A group of about 200 bikers converged on Dolores Park at 9am for the 19 mile ride. It was a thrill to ride through the streets of the Mission surrounded by that many comrades on bikes. Some had horns and shells to drum strapped to their bikes, and others had boom boxes, but everyone had a smile on their face. It took my brother and I two hours to get to the destination (though some people went much faster than we did). We had toyed with the idea of riding up to skyline to get back to the city but by then the fog was super thick up there. Streets in the suburbs are definitely not as bike-friendly, especially without the safety of a big group. We were without a bike lane and being honked at by huge trucks all through San Mateo on El Camino Real (I saw a few middle fingers flying as they whizzed past us too). We ended up taking small side streets up to Millbrae and caught Bart back to the Mission. Home sweet home!

Group picture by honechild

cyclecide by honeychild


  1. Hi - streets in the suburbs are definitely not bike-friendly tho many living in the 'burbs (myself included) would like to see that change. I would like to organize a family (parent and children) critical mass-style ride on a sunday morning, when the El Camino is largely empty, and believe that more riders will come if, well, more riders come- there is truly more safety in numbers. There is a recent initiative that wants to revision the El Camino toward a more multi-modal, diverse-landscape boulevard. Problem was, the majority of people attending their public forum kick-off were mostly aging, white baby boomers (or so it seemed). We need more diverse opinion, ideas and input on this and all who live/use el camino are stakeholders. I'm thinking bike/ped advocacy groups, urban ecology/eco-architecture/and urban farming advocates. and especiall, some people of color for some social justice in there which was totally absent!!!!
    visit my blog for more details or to partner up!!!, thanks

  2. It takes a lot of energy to get people into causes like this. It is worth it, though.

    We are putting together a Mom's ride or later this year. Keep your eyes open for info!