Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I Get Around

Before Declan was born, I had to drive to Hayward everyday for work. It took 45 minutes into work in the morning, and an hour and a half on the way home because I had to drive through San Francisco twice to pick up the kids. I hated it. My back always hurt, I was always late and the road was really bad. On very rainy days, I wouldn't go to work because 580 through Oakland does not have adequate drainage and I had seen several cars flip over in the rain over the years. The final straw was the day I saw a car flip over and the kids in the back seat get ejected out of the back windshield.

This is my commute, now. It takes just about as long, but I am way happier than I was. Eighteen miles round trip, with a BART ride in the middle. The best parts of my commute are the time I get to read on the train,

the glory of the Ohlone Greenway,

and my fellow commuters, on bikes, of course! I passed 28 cyclists on the Greenway! That is more than ever before, and I was riding after the commute hour was over!

I still would like to have a job closer to home once the Summer is done. Until then, I will enjoy my occasional commute across the Bay. It is my time to myself. My time to plan. My time to read. My time to ride!


  1. Great story with great pics.

  2. Good on you...... Although I report from the other side of the atlantic I know exatctly what you are talking about. My Newphews live in Valjeo and when I visit I stay in Concord. To get into san fransisco traveling by car is not smart a combination of train and bike is the only soloution for sane people.

  3. Jen- Thank you !

    Madness- Those are the best $60 panniers on the planet! Basil Twig. Can't beat 'em.

    Philip- You are sooooooo right! I don't go as far as Vallejo as I work in San Pablo, but it is the same route. Taking BART is fantastic- time to read, people watching, no Toll Plaza to crawl through... now if we could just get 24 hour service, no one would need a car.