Monday, July 1, 2013

the future smart "car"?

The other week I was volunteering at a fancy pants bikey event. I was outside in the wind and this guy rolled up in this ride. He tried to say he was involved with the event, but I had a hunch that he just wanted his product to be seen with the current transportation movers and shakers. 

Either way, lots of people along market street stopped and gawked at this latest transportation vehicle. What do you think about this trike? It is electric assisted...

Trying out this blogger app while waiting to board a plane to go far far away for a couple of days! See y'all on flip side of the border.


  1. Nice design. I can appreciate the lines.
    But it's never been my kind of thing. I'm not even certain about my feelings toward recumbents.

    1. people were really curious about it and crowding around him to ask questions. i guess it's a new sort of outreach...and better than a car i suppose. :)

  2. It is solar powered, comes in a truck version and is not half as expensive as I thought it would be.

  3. Very unique and nice. Just wondering if the message at the side of that vehicle is a car stickers?

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