Wednesday, October 30, 2013

training day: bicis y miami

We like our basketball.
First things first: Golden State DUBS first home game is tonight.

OK, onward - As hardcore basketball fans –Warriors (myself) y Spurs (CTX)– we are far from being James fans, or Miami for that fact. However, this is a very cool video, found via Streetsblog

I hope that brands, teams and rockstar players of that caliber continue to display positive things around their community (or cities they represent) and invest in making a positive impact in the youth. I actually really enjoyed this commercial/clip and look forward to athletes to do similar partnerships or team up to promote good things for boy and girls admiring their sports heroes.

Also, Texas native (Port Arthur) and former player for both los Warriors y Spurs, Stephen Jackson while with the dubs, gave a basketball court in the city a little facelift. With program NBAcares they do frequent grade-school backpack handout days and they help to give a little make-over to basketball courts around the Bay Area. I read about this stuff often in the news.
Here is (one of) our very own Warriors court in the dogpatch, the signs/tarps are pretty faded, but still there:

And former Tarheel Harrison Barnes, rocking an Oakland As shirt when the Warriors were in China. A boy after my little heart.

Anyways, could not be more excited for basketball season starting tonight and college basketball around the corner(!)

The song in Lebron/Nike video is My Shoes by John Legend and this was filmed in Miami, *hi to our friend Fidel out there*
*melibrosa fact: John Legend has played at half time at the warriors game in 2008. I was there :)

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  1. #BEATLA!!! go dubs and GO SPURS GO!!

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