Friday, June 14, 2013

friday fun times: bikes and besos.

this morning was riding to work part of the way with the boo. per usual, we kiss as we part ways, he goes forward, i turn left.

i couldn't find a picture of people that looked like us kissing while on bikes, so i am going to use this one instead taken in berlin, germany. it is pride month here in SF after all...

bici-beso en Berlin

anyway, this morning, we had an audience. none other than andy thornley, the senior analyst at SF MTA's SF Park program. he was riding his bike as well and said, "i like seeing people on bikes kiss!" those two rode off in the same direction chatting it up. i blushed and went on my own merry way.

aww shucks, we've been outed being sweet! hehe.

happy friday everyone. i am going to take his kind words as a good sign for this weekend! i'll be bike marshalling at the SF Marathon. if you are running it, look out for a bright yellow vest at mile 24-26.2!