Monday, January 30, 2012

lebron james rode to work, wins game.

i'm sure you all heard that lebron james rode his bike to work yesterday. he rode his way to a miami heat win over the bulls. coincidence? probably not. those who know bball better than i do (go spurs go!) say he had a good game. probably from warming up before by riding to work.

was this all a staged photo op? maybe. from my 10 second research with google and james, i found he does a charity bike ride each year. rad! also, if a marathon snarls traffic, and one is already into biking, why the hell not ride in to work? everyone wins.

this pic might get some people into riding, "if a ginormously famous bball player can ride to work then....maybe i can?" and as you know, we are all about changing lives by riding bikes over here :) of course, you don't need to customize yr bike to say "king james" on it or anything. also, why not be original and say "king lebron"? i hear there's a pretty popular book already with the former name.


  1. Do you think the dude in front is part of his entourage, or just a random dude? Would be a bit of a freaky thing to stop to chat to the guy behind you at the light and realize it's someone famous (esp. famous for being an athlete).

  2. some people think it's his publicist. i can't say i know for sure, but since they are both in the middle of traffic, makes me think they are riding together.

    however, wouldn't that be funny if while i was riding thru SF and i glance behind me and i see tim lincecum or something. i think i would fumble around to get my camera and then miss the moment entirely.

  3. Personally I got a kick out of the Bike Snob's take on this.

    "i hear there's a pretty popular book already with the former name."

    Yeah, but only as the vanity producer's credit. It's not even the good version. The Pilgrims refused to have anything to with it. It's, like, un-American and shit.

  4. @kfg: i haven't read BSNYC in awhile. i'll have to check it out.

    regarding the rest of yr comment. heh. :D