Tuesday, June 5, 2012

two for tuesday: voting and gil peñalosa

i'm super excited for today. voting day is very important. many people fought for the right to vote, and where i went to college, there's even a day off that students fought for in the 60s so people can go and vote. DO IT if you live in states today that have primary elections, like california! don't be apathetic, be proactive.

after work today, one of my urban planning nerd heroes is gil peñalosa! he's going to be talking tonight at the SFBC's annual Golden Wheel Awards.

watch to learn more about ciclovías here. the video is in both spanish (with english subtitles) and english.

gil is now executive director of 8-80 cities which is doing some pretty impressive things over there in canada.

and as i was saying in some earlier posts, this perfectly coincides with latinos and health. and getting families together to make a healthier living by being outside and doing activities together is good for both mental and physical health. winwin. AND it's FUN too. heh.


  1. ¡que radness!
    take some fotos y have fun xxom <3

    1. hehe, thx. will be working a bit, but we'll see if i can sneak in. or at least be able to hear him.

  2. Thank you for this.
    There's much that much of the rest of the world (esp. their 'decision-makers')could learn from this.