Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Come As You Are

Yesterday the CTX brought you a lovely moment to start your week.  Today I bring us down a few notches with my camera.  I think we should not get too high brow around here.

It Is SF

We always say ride in what makes you comfortable.  Flip flops and shower caps would fit that bill.


  1. lol. don't touch that seat without protection.

  2. Nice... with our 3-digit temps in Colorado right now, that seems about how I'd like to ride. Except that people would probably stop and scream in horror, so perhaps I will spare them all that sight for now. :O)

  3. I would love to ride like that but those godbotherers around here would have to gouge out the eyes of all the children that saw a naked man. Except during Mardi Gras then you spend the night in jail.
    Is the shower cap some kind of new helmet? If so I wouldn't wear it but if it's a fashion statement then bravo.

    1. I am not sure that a shower cap could ever be construed as a fashion statement. Not even in this situation.