Friday, June 22, 2012

friday fun times: po campo edition

so the ladies over at po campo have a little fun photo submission going on on their blog. i recently acquired a po campo bag via a raffle through means that involved competing with a 12 year old girl. things got ugly. and then they got nice after some friendly intervention... but i digress...

anyway, so recently i sent in a photo of me using the bag on the napa camping trip i went on recently. i took a foto while my pardner in crime was getting food fuel for us. i watched the bikes through a phone camera lens.

She-devil is 95% complete, borrowed front wheel, rack, stem & panniers. @handsomecycles now is time to ride in napa!

when i heard of the photo submissions i figured, hey, that lil po campo is in there, why not send it in for fun?

and now it's on their blog. go check it out! oh hai.

cute bags must be OUT during pride celebrations all throughout the city. and there's also bicycle music fest on saturday if you don't like hanging out at the dyke march/rally for some reason. sigh, too much going on. per usual. and we wouldn't have it any other way.

have a great weekend everyone!

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