Friday, June 8, 2012

friday fun times: bike camping fotos edition

so i've been pretty busy on the wide open road. went bike camping the past two weekends. it was great.

i plan on talking about both of those experiences extensively, including the bike i used next week, once i have time to be near a computer that is not for work purposes.

but here's a teaser from both of those weekends.

SF to Napa. Made it. #velovino

Somehow @prawnpie & I found ourselves on a yellow school bus full of bikes!

Lava vine wine glass #xproii #napa

first up on the order next week: DC's CAPITAL BIKESHARE. have a fantastic weekend everyone. can't wait to hear where your bike takes you this weekend.


  1. Yay! Looks amazing. When I am less busy I will come bike camping with you one of these days. :-)

  2. somewhat envious that you're weather is so much better than mine in the UK. Bike camping requires getting covered in plastic from head to toe. I think they call it 'character building' or something!;-)

    1. the velo vino picture has gray skies that were heavy with rain that poured on us for about an hr and a half. good thing we were stopping for drinks...but our bikes were totally wet. character building indeed!