Friday, June 15, 2012

friday fun times: bike parking edition

i have been spending quite a bit of time working while parking bikes lately. i'm, frankly, exhausted.

took this picture last night as i was parking bikes for a pride meet + mingle at el rio. considering the traffic eff ups yesterday, i have to say that bikes were the way to get around the bay yesterday.

Bike parking

after the traffic snafus, i noticed a bunch of frustrated, and thus aggro, drivers. needed to be extra careful in the saddle yesterday!

i'm gonna get some miles in as training for the marin century has started! but first...SLEEP! have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Enjoy your training ride :-)
    Im avoiding tomorrow's serious rain, but then plan on trying a couple of newly completed cycle routes on sunday, yeah! <3

    1. thanks! it was so HOT. and i'm not talking san francisco hot (which is around 75 degrees F), i'm talking 100 degrees Fahrenheit and i got headaches, needed more water, got a sunburn, etc. no bueno! :)

      can't wait to do it again in cooler temps.

  2. I was reading all about the AltRide day and how hot it was :-S Does not sound fun at all. I'm not good when it's too hot, but we're having the coldest summer I've ever known this year. I think you took our heat and added it to your own!

    1. thankfully we are back to our normal temps. PHEW! bring on the fog!