Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bike By Dads

From back in June

Super Cute

From this afternoon


Lookin' good San Francisco!


  1. Funny true story. On a Critical Mass ride this summer here in Ft Worth Tx, a guy on a longtail had 2 boys about 4 or 5 on the back. They started rough-housing. He said" if you 2 don't stop, I'm turning this bike around right now!" Just like when I was a kid in the back seat of the family car.

  2. These days I'm seeing many more dads (and some moms) biking their young children to school. Sometimes it's with the child on their bike or on a trail-a-bike attachment, sometimes the children are riding their own bikes (usually on the sidewalk). Either way, it's great!

    Everyone should know that it's perfectly legal for children under 13 to ride on the sidewalk in San Francisco. Though I wish we had more physically-protected bike lanes as they are much easier to navigate than bumpy, obstacle-filled sidewalks, there are certainly places in the city right now where sidewalks are the safest option.

  3. Terry- I say that everytime I ride with both my kids. I have the rule that someone may have to walk a block if they hit or shove each other. It worked well- only tried it once with one.

  4. hey Adrienne - cool! that's me in the top photo. didn't even know we were modeling that day :)

    any chance I can get a hi-res copy of the file? little Iris looks pretty cute.



  5. Scrosby- I would be happy to supply you with one! Drop me an email through the l blog CYLRAB at