Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bike basket tgiving bounty!

last night i did some thanksgiving shopping for the veggie sides i'll be making tomorrow with my family. i give thanks for my bike basket that is able to carry around the awesome groceries! it took a minute, but there's a jacket, two bike locks, my personal bag and a bag's worth of groceries in there.

Bike basket bounty

Bike basket bounty

have a great tofurkey day everyone!! be sure to ride off that feast over the long weekend. i'm sure i'll be doing that if the weather cooperates. if not, well, i'll probably be riding anyway!

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  1. I like panniers, myself. But a bike basket does just as well - if not better in some circumstances. The idea is to be able to establish practical uses for one's bicycle, as well as the enjoyment factor and the health benefits. Make it a truly all around, human powered vehicle - the ultimate green machine.