Tuesday, November 8, 2011

as you already know, we love reader submissions y'all.

sent in by a reader. via this lovely french fixed gear blog.


  1. my favorite thing to do is wave all ridiculously over exaggerated. You *know* they are just wondering if they really know you. I've done the "call me" thing before- and one guy gave me the finger after I did it. I guess he didn't want to call me. Made me laugh and I'm sure it made him even madder.

  2. today i did the smile after a somewhat questionable move on my part. i was approaching a stop, there was no one at the intersection. so i decided to go since it was rainy. i rolled through the crosswalk as a car came up on the left hand side of the intersection. my driver's ed recalls that the person on the RIGHT goes first if two people approach at the same time. i technically was right in all aspects (except for the not full stop). he still honked his horn at me and yelled something unintelligble. i was not a model bike rider for rolling through the stop, but i also did have the right of way in that situation had i stopped completely. i wasn't going fast either cause i never do. sigh. oh well. outta the brain now.

  3. I've adopted the 'wave and smile' approach for some time, with 'laugh loudly' as my second option. I've blown people a kiss occasionally, but I think I'll try the 'call me' next time someone reacts with anger to the smile: I like that.