Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The SF Stand

A truly San Francisco kind of posture- bag on back, one foot down. San Franciscans like to keep their stuff with them and be ready to jump. This combination is so ubiquitous I have to actively not shoot it.

Stealing Home


Fur Trim, Argyle Socks

No Hurry


Orange Lean

Simple Palette

Toe Touch

1802+587= Big Trouble

San Francisco Autumn

Big Cars, Small Bike


His & Hers Backpacks


  1. I'm impressed with the felw carrying the paper towels. I could never manage more than one roll on my bike.

  2. I love this post.
    I often do the SF stance in NY. ;)

  3. Cathy - He is making use of one of the great technological advances of mankind, right up there with pointy sticks, fire and the wheel. An advance which tied together societies and wove the fabric of civilization, wrapping us all intimately in its net.

    You call it "string."

  4. That looks like a massive supply of paper towels...wonder what the back story is? If we use a roll a month I would be surprised.


  5. Cool combilation of shots. Everyone ready to go and damn, don't they all look good. But, yeah, what's with all the paper towels?

  6. Speaking of things strapped to your back while cycling. On my way home from work Thursday, a guy passed me with a complete bike strapped to the outside of his backpack as he cycled down 17th. What a shot. I couldn't get my camera out fast enough.