Friday, June 3, 2011

Raleigh Love Child

While my Batavus is turning Asian, my S.A.M. is most certainly looking a little hippie these days.

Hippie Bike Panda

Funny how bicycles end up with personalities. A man I know talks about bicycles as less personal objects, but I have never been so sure that American's are ready for that step. We like to anthropomorphize just about everything, much like the Japanese seem to really enjoy making sure everything has really great packaging.


  1. Certainly, this anthropomophizing is possible for bikes, just as it has been for cars and boats and other objects. Of course, the qualities assigned to anthro'd bikes would be much different than for cars or boats.
    BOAT: she's a mighty worthy vessel, sir, runnin' up against the winds like a....
    BIKE: she's a nimble creature, my friend, sliding through traffic like a....


  2. I seem to be doing the same with my Xtracycle: gradually it's becoming a person in my mind (and never mind I used to refer to it as female when it was still a commuter/trailbike bike and now is names after a frenchman)