Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday Mail

From time to time, my friend Tony sends me things to put out there for your entertainment. He will be in Mexico for quite awhile, coming up soon, and I can't wait to see what he sends our way!

This is Tony most recently-

Who Wanders The Mission?

While adventuring closer to home, Tony came upon an image he felt was evocative of someone close to our hearts, here at the blog, and sent us a little email and some pictures... and here we are!

the other day (umm two weeks ago) I was visiting my friend in Oakland
and we had planned on heading on over to Brown Sugar Kitchen for some
yummy breakfast foods...but on Mondays apparently they are closed
(insert sad face here) and so now we were left to scramble for another
place to eat. But it just happens that my friend has a smarty pants he whips it out and does a quick search for other near by
places with yummy eats...wait for it, done. And off we went.
Straight here, a right up there, whoops got lost, turn around, stop,
getting bearing straight again, got it, cross street and there we
were, in Lois The Pie Queens Restaurant. Great food and people by the
way. But the point of this story/email is to let you know that on the
way there I saw an awesome mural and I just wanted to share with you.

Thank you, Tony! Hope the pie was good! We all love a little reminder that life on a bicycle brings so much more to our eye than we ever expect.


  1. Take the overlooked tour: where you are.

    Really learn your city and its surroundings. What's there might surprise you. The bicycle is the right tool for the job.

  2. Lois the Pie Queen! I was on vacation and staying in Oakland many years ago and went to LtPQ for a very memorable breakfast. I'm so glad to know it's still there!

    And what cool photos. I love the effect on the first photo.

  3. The blog Oaktown Art had a recent post about that mural:

  4. i think i saw this person in el lay this weekend. she was on the corner, and then when i looked at her again, she was standing next to another person that looked just like her. then i looked at who i was with and realized they both looked like her too. meta.