Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It Is All A Rainbow

This weekend was Pride weekend in San Francisco (many other places, too). Like myself, the San Francisco Gay Pride Parade is 41 this year. I like to think we both are looking pretty good. And in both cases, bicycles have become a part of the celebration.

Nice Muscles

There was, of course, the leather boy biker. It wouldn't be Pride without the leather boy (or the naked biker guy, but I didn't get a good shot of him).

Hi, Jill!

Jill brought her bubble machine to ensure that proper SF bicycle event etiquette was observed. She was not only with the SFBC contingent (didn't get any good shots of them, either. I was in a bad spot), she seemed to just ride along the sides of the route and keep spirits up. Not a bad gig.

Love Is A Bike Family

For the last few years, the Parade has been changing. What was a call to keep people alive back in the 90's is now a call to just let people get on with the perfectly normal parts of life we all think we will participate in when we grow up- get married, have kids, have jobs... This year there were many groups marching to show that being gay does not mean you look that much different than anyone else.

Up Front

Of course, we all look better on a bike! No matter how many Moms we have! Or Dads. We don't discriminate around here.

Fraternity Tandem Time

People showed up to watch the spectacle on their bikes. Some decided to ride in threes.


Others watched alone.

Silly Heads

Úna and Declan got silly in the closed off street,

There He Is!

and Cameron marched with the Assemblywoman he is working for this summer!

Not a bad Pride Parade, in my book. I love my City.


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  2. I'm a big fan a pride week,too. We're struggling with the whole gay marriage issue,though,which is depressing, as I thought we had become a little more open minded here in Ozz.



  3. It amazes me how closed the minds of people all over the world are. This is San Francisco for Pete's sake and 41 years after the Stonewall riots we are still debating silly things like who is legal to love.

  4. Hi Adrienne -
    Great photos! I'd love to use the top one for this week's caption contest on my blog, but as I notice on Flickr that it's copyright & all rights reserved to you, I can't do that without permission from you.

    So can I? Pleeeeaaase!

    Full attribution etc - of course.