Thursday, June 16, 2011

"pick up a bike...

and let's ride..."

two bikey people on muni. and we still have bike pride. i was on muni the other day....long story.... and i saw this younger bikey dude getting off the bus.

Pick up a bike...

me likes. also hard to read cause it was black on black, but i think you get the point. i hope he got on his bike right after getting off of the bus and went to where ever he was going.

ride on my friend!!

meanwhile, am enjoying this san francisco "heat wave!" i biked in a t-shirt yesterday morning, which was a good sign for later in the evening as i parked bikes at the SFBC'S golden wheel awards. more on that soon. yours truly and adrienne are in a video that is still being edited. let's see if we make it past the cutting room floor! :)


  1. Ok, I picked up a bike, but now I can't ride it, because it's riding me. I think we need a new plan.

  2. Perhaps pick one up and then ride another?

  3. Ok, yeah, I've done that. Can't honestly say that I enjoyed it, but aver that it's doable.