Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Putting His Brompton Where His Mouth Is

Many of you out there in the world outside the blogosphere have heard of a bicycle store in Portland, Oregon by the name of Clever Cycles. CC was started by Todd Fahrner who has become something of an internet friend of mine over the last year. Todd invented the Stoke Monkey, too.

A little bit ago, Todd informed me he would be riding to SF from Portland at the end of August. I was more than a little jealous. A long distance bicycle tour is a dream of mine that I hope to fulfill in the not too distant future. What makes the tour really interesting is that Todd has decided to make the journey on his daily ride- his Brompton.


He has made a few modifications to make the long distance a little easier, but overall, it is just a regular old, everyday Brompton.


Todd will not have his trusty dutch bicycle to carry his folder with on this trip, but he will have his hammock and his IPhone and his GPS. With a Twitter page to keep us updated, we can all see how all you need is a bicycle to get you where you are going as Todd follows the coast on his folder.

Good luck, Todd! Let me know when you are hitting the Golden Gate so I can take your finish line shots!!


  1. Being an brompton owner myself, I'm also jelous by all the modifications he's done in his brommie, and sure the bike makes you stronger on some uphills but the classic San Francisto to Portland, that's something!

  2. I have heard of People going on extremely Long Tours on the Brompton and through Mountain Ranges in less Clement parts of the World. One thing he should do is change to Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres with Kevlar Belt to cut down on Punctures.

    I have a Brompton myself and it is a great little Bike but horrible when trying to Change the Tyre so anything to stop you getting them is a Boon.

    I have the ordinary Yellow Mark Brompton Tyres and am careful where I Cycle in case of a Puncture owing to the Nuisance of Taking the Tyre off. I will be getting those Schwalbe Marathons as soon as I can afford them.

  3. Thanks Ade! L'homme, you're doing it wrong if you remove the wheel just to patch a flat! :-) Normally I run regular Marathon tires, but am giving the improved Brompton greens a try this time. If anybody wants to follow progress, try @toddfahrner on Twitter rather than Facebook, where I have the privacy controls maxed.

  4. That is too cool. I'll definitely be following his adventure. This makes me want a brompton even more. :)

  5. This type of adventure makes me feel very insignificant :- )) Good on you though. To say I am jealous would not do it justice.