Friday, August 20, 2010

friday food for thought...

a few weeks ago was the bikes 4 life peace ride in oakland. this past year, the ride was dedicated to oscar grant.

here's a radio interview with the co-founder of the bikes 4 life bike shop, tony coleman. my favorite quote from the below is describing the first bikes 4 life ride as a catalyst for how the shop came to existence:
it was kinda cool to see, cause [the ride] was mostly of color. and it was really cool to see a lot of young folks, 18, 19, riding bikes as well, because usually at that age, teenagers want to have their first car and ride around. so it was cool to see folks really enjoying their bicycles. so we wanted to expand that and have a space where that kind of programming can happen more often. create a space where folks can fix up their ride, their bikes. that was the idea, we wanted to open up a shop and call it "bikes 4 life."

go check them out online or in person.

happy friday y'all.


  1. Great post!!!!!! I know some people who may be able to help out there. Time to get on the phone!

  2. the bat call has been turned ON! :)