Saturday, August 21, 2010



We had to get some food shopping done this weekend. The cupboards were bare (despite a whole lotta of canning going on). We took the xtracycle and Cameron had his pannier on, but we still ended up filling my bags, too. Even Úna had a messenger bag to fill up.

Of On Ramps & Messenger Bags

By the time we got home, the shopping haul looked like this-

Shop By Bicycle

To get a sense of scale, my table is 6 feet long. On it are-2 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of balsamic vinegar, a pound of bananas, 2 pints of blackberries, a bag of chocolate covered blueberries, 5 pounds of tangerines, 2 huge boxes of TLC bars (Cameron keeps them at school as emergency snacks), 2 pounds of salad greens, assorted herbs, 2 pounds of trail mix, 5 pounds of pistachios, 10 pounds of cat food, 4 pounds of figs, 2 pounds of bread, a wedge of mimolette, 5 pounds of zucchini, 3 pounds of heirloom tomatoes, 2 pounds of rhubarb, a large bag of naan, a large jar of assorted pickles, a small jar of pickled banana peppers, a large eggplant, lemons, a pair of wool socks and 2 flannel shirts. Add to this my huge purse and a five year old... please do not tell me that a family of 5 needs a car in a place like San Francisco.

We ended up in several different places, today, including Costco. If we had driven, it would have been awful with all the parking lots and traffic. Instead, we had a good time enjoying the sun (light, at last!!!! No heat, but light!!!!) and snacking as we rode along.

You should try it!


  1. It's fantastic that riding a bike can make mundane tasks, such as shopping, enjoyable and fun. Good to see you had a great day.
    The title of Davey's blog, at "Bicycling is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun", really says it all.

  2. Are those FIGS? Oh man.. I heart fresh figs.

    Oh and I totally saw you guys going down V street yesterday! I tried to catch up, but you guys turned somewhere and I lost you. Aww... stalker skills fail!

  3. i want figs!! wonderful pics!! I enjoy your blog more and more each time i view it!!

  4. Welshcyclist- that is a GREAT blog name!

    Reese- I am not sure how anyone could not catch up with us. We are like a giant, slow moving flotilla when the whole family is out. We need our own bike lane : )

    Ana Li- Thank you! How's that new bicycle of yours?

  5. I wish I were there to 'accidentally' drop by at your place at your dinner-time!:D
    Family members that shop together stay together!;)

  6. Awesome. Glad to hear I'm not the only bicyclist who sometimes shops at Costco, god forbid. And I must say, that's a very classy load.

  7. Dottie- I HATE parking lots, especially that one. So when we decided on the xtracycle, part of the decision was based in whether or not we could shop at Costco on it and dump the Burley trailer we were using. I have not done a major Costco trip in a car in two years (unless it is raining or I am buying car tires) and I doubt I will any time soon.

  8. Fantastic! Interesting thing :
    "2 bottles of balsamic vinegar" - do you mean Aceto di balsamico ? Or something else, and if not - for what purpose?

  9. Fabulous post!
    I just brought home a case of peaches from Superstore, bungee-corded onto my rear rack, and am sure I am the only person anyone in the giant parking lot had EVER seen do such a thing! Glad to know there are other biking-grocery-haulers out there!

  10. indeed 2 bottles of Aceto di Balsamico . Helps to make amazing cobbler, among other things.

    ehmeelu- there are a lot of people who do all of their shopping by bicycle. My husband almost brought a new big screen TV home the other day : )