Monday, August 16, 2010

And so it begins

Another Monday. What is new with you all?! Back to school, back to work?!
Hope you have a nice sunny Monday!
Here a back to school selection from our flickr pool:

Our Xtracycle school bus. The best way to get to/from school!
Our Xtracycle school bus. by mslaura
"The best way to get to/from school! No waiting in pickup/dropoff lines, and always easy parking!"

Richardson ISD School Bus
Richardson ISD School Bus by dickdavid

First Day of School
First Day of School by fullhands

Sunday Parkways @ Lent School
Sunday Parkways @ Lent School by gregraisman

So, this week, a little sun for SF, maybe?! ...please seƱor weather, we need some.
0016_9A change your life; ride a bike! by velopete


  1. I like it all the Parents picking up their Children by Bike. In Ireland not a lot instead a load of Cars and mostly those SUV's doing the School Round of picking up the Children.

    You will get some Older Children Cycling to School and maybe one or two Parents cycling with the Small ones but this is rare.

  2. If it were up to me, there would be no cars allowed around schools, like they have in Japan. It is so much better when everyone walks and rides and talks to one another.

  3. I just came back from picking up my kids at school and a fellow parent came up to me there and said he just saw a photo of my Xtracycle in the bike rack at school on this blog!

    Came home, checked it out...awesome! I love your blog. Nice to be represented here. That photo was from last year when I had two kids on board my X. This year my newly-minted first-grader rides his own bike to school (2.18 miles each way) and has a blast doing it. Yay!

  4. TPB- Not bad! Declan isn't quite up to 2 miles at a time. Mostly because of our hills and his very heavy, no speed bicycle : ) He will get there! I have not tried 2 kids on the xtra, yet : )

  5. l'homme/ im starting to see more parents as times passes, and it is very cool - as if there is a happy pact done once the family gets moving on wheels. it is a great feeling :D

    tpb/ awesomeeeee! +you are welcome - we love featuring (if possible allllll!) so many of the sotries and photos shared from our foto-pool, please do keep us posted. +anytime you want to submit anything to share, as well, we'd be more than happy !!!